Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority

Jafza is determined to remain the powerful symbol that drives the development of Dubai through providing exciting and unlimited possibilities for industrial developments.


As one of the largest and fastest growing free zones, Jafza aspires to be the international business hub of the Middle East. We focus on long-term customer relationships, providing creative and innovative solutions for global industrial investors, and fostering alliances with them. We offer our customers world-class infrastructure, value-added services and incentives. We further provide community amenities, enhancing a dynamic and thriving business environment. Enabling this, are our people, provided with opportunities to grow and be creative, and supported in their efforts to manage customer needs through technologically advance support system.

Welcome To Jafza

Jebel Ali Free Zone (Jafza) is a fully owned subsidiary of Economic Zones World, the world’s biggest developers and operators of Economic Zones and Business Parks. It is also one of the worlds largest and the fastest growing free zones. In its 21 years of operation Jafza has posted more than 300 times growth in its number of companies growing from 19 in 1985 to about 6000 in 2006. Since the turn of this century the Jebel Ali Free Zone has grown over 330 percent.

Located next to the Jebel Ali Port, the largest port in the Middle East and, at 30 minutes drive from the Dubai International Airport, Jebel Ali Free Zone is well positioned to enable its partners the fastest possible access to a market of over 2 billion people. Supported with the region’s extensive highway network Jafza presents itself as the most efficient ally for all types of business operations.

Jafza is one of the world’s most customer friendly free zones. Free from all kinds of red tape and vexing restrictions, Jafza provides its customers an environment which is most conducive for growth. Jafza’s deep commitment to service excellence has enabled it to win ISO 9001:2000 certification in 1996, making it the world’s first ISO accredited free zone.

Jafza’s consistent focus on building long term customer relationship and its exceptional ability to forge alliances with global investors by offering them value driven solutions, continues to attract investors from all over the world.

To meet the continuous growth in demand Jafza has initiated multi billion dollar south zone expansion project in 2005. The south zone expansion project is a hybrid model where two clusters will be formed for Chemical industries and Food and Beverage industries. The remaining of the zone will serve other core industries in a more flexible physical layout.

Some of the prestigious projects currently underway at Jafza include the Convention Center Complex and Jafza View 18 and 19.

The AED 2 billion Jebel Ali Free Zone Convention Center Complex will be a perfect platform for businesses in Jafza to foster ties in a setting of modern ergonomics and efficiency. Housing two 34-storey business towers, an exhibition center, a 600-seat auditorium and catering area, as well as a 322 room hotel, the Convention Center will cater for Jafza business community’s growing needs.

Jafza Twin Towers-Jafza View 18 and 19, a 30 floor office complex with retail shops, food court, mini mart, coffee shops as well as “support service” facilities such as conference rooms, business center etc., along Sheikh Zayed Road and the new proposed highways, currently under construction, are designed with the sole purpose of providing more office space to International Businesses. It will add 34000 sq meter of prime commercial space to Jafza facilities.

Company Formation in Jafza

Companies can be formed in Jafza in the following different ways:

Free Zone Establishment (FZE)
Free Zone Company (FZCO)

FZE and FZCO applicants can avail of Jafza’s unique offer of forming a company as a separate legal entity. An FZE can be formed with a single shareholder with a minimum capital of AED 1 million. An FZCO can be formed with 2 to 5 shareholders with a minimum capital of AED 500,000.

Branch Company

Companies having valid registration and license outside Jafza can apply for the formation of a branch Company in Jafza.

Jafza also facilitates the formation of Special Status Non-Resident Offshore Companies.

Jafza, under Jebel Ali Free Zone Offshore Companies Regulations 2003, allows the formation of an Offshore Company by individuals or corporate bodies, as a non-resident company, having a corporate legal entity.

Note for all licences:

Sales in the UAE must be carried out through a distributor or any company based in the UAE that holds a valid trade licence within the same business

Registration and Activities in Jafza
Jafza issues various types of licences:

A General Trading Licence allows the holder to import, distribute and store all items as per Jafza rules and regulations.

A Trading Licence allows the holder to import, export, distribute and store items specified on the licence.

An Industrial Licence allows the holder to import raw materials, carry out the manufacture of specified products and export the finished product to any country.

A Service Licence allows the holder to carry out the services specified in the licence within the Free Zone. The type of service must conform to the parent company’s licence, issued by the Economic Department or Municipality of the relevant Emirate in the UAE.

A National Industrial Licence is designed for manufacturing companies with an ownership or shareholding of at least 51% AGCC (Arabian Gulf Co-operation Council). The value added to the product in the Free Zone must amount to a minimum of 40%. This licence allows the holder the same status as a local or AGCC inside the UAE.

Jafza Allows More Activities under Single Trade Licence

Jafza offers additional options to its clients on trade licence classifications, allowing them to combine a number of activities under the same licence.

A company in Jafza can opt for a total of seven activites under a similar business activity group, upto 12 activities under two different business activity groups, or upto 17 activities under three different business activity groups.

The upcoming developments at Jafza and the surrounding region, including the new Dubai World Central International Airport (JXB), which when complete, will be one of the world’s biggest passenger and cargo airport, are set to make Jafza one of the world’s most efficient sea-air hubs. The upcoming 6-lane highway in Jafza south will facilitate the transportation of goods (custom-bound) from port to cargo aircraft in just 20 minutes.

The new developments make Jafza the only free zone in the world located between an airport and a sea port. The fact provides further boost to Jafza’s growth prospects, which is now all set to be one of the most dynamic free zones in the world.

Jafza’s Global Operations

Jafza, after establishing itself as the Middle East region’s biggest free zone and trade and logistics hub, decided to expand its operations worldwide. Consequently, Jafza International was created in year 2000 as the International arm of Jafza to expand and manage its operations worldwide.

Jafza International currently operates three free zones worldwide. It is currently pursuing a number of projects, which are in various stages of development, across Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe and is today recognised as a pioneer in the development, management, administration, IT and logistical operations of economic zones around the world. Jafza International’s restructured mandate includes the development of Business hubs by equity participation in ownership, wherever expedient.

We look forward to partnering with your business to make your success story part of our record of excellence not only in the UAE but worldwide.

Incentives for Your Business:

Jafza offers many incentives to make doing business with us easy and profitable.

      • 100% foreign ownership: The ability to operate your business as a wholly owned entity, without any need for local partnership
        • 0% Corporate tax for a period of 50 years, a concession that is renewable.
        • Companies may transfer any capital as required
        • 0% import or re-export duties
        • 0% personal income tax
        • No currency restrictions
        • No restriction on hiring foreign employees
        • Owned premises on leased land can be mortgaged: A company established in the Free Zone that has built its own facility may mortgage its premises to any bank or financing company for any of their debts or obligations
      • Access to abundant energy makes it cost-effective for clients to conduct production operations

Facilities Offered In Jafza

Jafza offers a variety of facilities to help meet the needs of our customers.

Office Buildings

High quality spacious pre-built offices are available on an annual rental basis. The offices are unfurnished and equipped with light fixtures. They also have been specifically designed to allow for flexibility, accommodating a variety of customer needs.

Light Industrial Units (LIU)

High quality, thermally insulated purpose-built units are available on an annual rental basis. The units are fitted with additional features which allow for the construction of offices. For further convenience two exits, one ramp for fork-lifts and the other, a loading dock for containers and trucks, are located at the rear of the LIU.

The LIUs are of two types:

        • Warehouse-designed for storage and distribution of products
      • Factory-designed for assembly and light production

Land Sites

Jafza provides plots of land of various sizes for long term lease. These sites are ideal if you wish to construct your own facility, whether it is a warehouse or factory.

The Power of Partnership

While Jafza provides incentives and enjoys a strategic location, our customers agree that our distinction lies in our sense of partnership. This commitment can be evidenced through a series of value-added programmes through which customers can enhance their businesses.

These include:

        • Advice on Future Expansion & Investment: We assist our customers in selecting the desirable site or location for their investment venture, as well as in determining operational requirements
        • Business Matching: Companies avail the opportunities of joint ventures and other mutual business opportunities in the local and international market
        • Business Delegations: Jafza organises events and accompanies its customers on business trips to other countries, enabling them to gain market entries
        • Updating companies on the latest projects related to their field of activity
      • Advising customers through Jafza’s con sulting offices on relevant issues like setting up a business

At the heart of our customer-centric approach to business are Jafza’s world-class technology tools that leave you free to focus on your most important asset – your business. Portal

The innovative portal of Dubai World consolidates all the services of myDPA, eMirsal, e-ATA and myJAFZA sites within a single bilingual (Arabic-English) portal. is an indispensable tool for the trade and transportation industry providing users with 24/7 secure access to all services with a single log on.

Jafza Link

The Jafza Link, a Jafza-Tejari joint initiative, is a virtual free zone, which enables Jafza Business Community to send and receive trade leads, create online company profiles and product showroom and find suitable trading partners through Tejari’s secure business-to-business environment.

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